Florida kid care is still a fraud and needs to be shut down June 17, 2021 June 17, 2021 admin

Florida is home to about 1,000 kids who are sick, injured or dead because of car accidents, and their parents can’t afford to keep them alive. 

So why is this happening?

It has to do with the fact that most car insurance companies are paying a percentage of the cost of car insurance, not the actual cost. 

The difference?

When you buy car insurance from a car insurance company, you get a guaranteed premium.

The more expensive your insurance is, the more you get for the money you pay. 

In Florida, the typical rate is about $2,000 per year. 

A lot of the insurance companies refuse to pay the difference between the premium and the cost, because it’s too much money to pay.

In Florida, some insurance companies even pay the insurance company a commission for every car that they insure, even if they don’t pay for it. 

There’s a reason why Florida is one of the states with the most expensive car insurance rates in the country. 

Florida’s car insurance policies are often based on how much you have in your bank account, not how much money you have.

That means if you have $50,000 in your account, your car insurance premium is $5,000. 

When you buy a policy, your bank gets a commission based on your account balance.

For example, if you’re the owner of $50 million in savings, your insurance policy is $1,500 per year per savings account.

If you have a balance of $20 million, your policy will be $3,500. 

If you’re underinsured, your policies are based on the amount of the accident, not your overall assets. 

It’s important to note that if you go through an accident, you can get back all the money that you’ve lost, so there is no penalty for not paying your claim. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Florida has the highest rate of car accident claims per capita in the nation. 

And as the car insurance industry continues to pay a fraction of the actual costs, the cost continues to grow. 

This isn’t just a Florida problem.

There are thousands of other states with terrible insurance companies.

When you get car insurance in other states, the average rate of claim payout is higher, because the insurance agent charges higher rates.

If you get auto insurance in Florida, you’ll pay the full cost of your insurance, including all the fees and penalties.