Trump to visit alamo, alamo-area on Monday: Trump’s announcement June 19, 2021 June 19, 2021 admin

President Donald Trump is set to visit San Antonio, Texas, on Monday, the first visit by a sitting president to the state in more than 50 years.

Trump will travel from Texas on Air Force One, where he had been planning to deliver his speech on tax reform at the U.S. Capitol on Monday.

A White House official said in a statement that the president’s planned trip is “another indication that the President is committed to the states across the country and is willing to make the hard decisions necessary to get America back on track.”

The San Antonio visit will be the first time a sitting American president will visit Texas since President Theodore Roosevelt in 1913, who stayed at the White House for two days and two nights.

The two-day visit marked Roosevelt’s second visit to Texas.

Trump has made Texas the No. 1 state in his list of top priorities, with his 2018 State of the Union address calling for the expansion of Medicaid, the federal health care program for the poor.

He has called for a $1 trillion infrastructure package to help fix roads, bridges, airports and highways, a key campaign promise during his presidential campaign.

The president also called for increased funding for education, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Trump made his remarks in front of a crowd of thousands of supporters who gathered in the downtown core for a two-hour rally in the city’s historic Alamo Square.

He called the rally a “great day” for Texas, but said he was prepared to leave on a “day to day basis” and “not to say goodbye for a week.”

The crowd of about 10,000 people cheered when Trump said the state’s economy was “in trouble,” a reference to the loss of manufacturing jobs, and Trump said he would not leave unless “we fix the state of our economy.”