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In 2019, the industry was facing a problem that’s likely to continue into 2020: the glut of high-end luxury vehicles on the market.

In the midst of this glut, some automakers decided to re-invent the wheel.

And they’re doing it by releasing luxury vehicles in a number of new and more exciting vehicles.

The latest is the new BMW M3 Coupe.

As we reported in June, BMW is bringing the BMW M Series to the US.

The M3 is an entirely new vehicle, bringing a new design language, a refreshed interior, and a new powertrain.

The new BMW is not an outright rebranding of the M series, but it’s the first of the new M series models to make the jump to the M range.

The new M3 coupe is expected to arrive sometime this fall.

The BMW M 3 coupe will be available in three models.

The first is the M3, which is the same M3 as the current model, but with a revised interior, new engine, and optional 3D headlights.

The M series is BMW’s flagship luxury brand, and this new M 3 is the first to receive the new interior design and engine.

The next M model, the M4, is a convertible.

It’s essentially the M5, but the M-series version is more affordable and available with the standard engine, so it’ll be more affordable for those looking for a crossover.

The next M series model, a convertible crossover called the M6, is also expected to be coming later this year.

The other two cars in the M line are the M Series Convertible, which will be the first car in the new family of models to have a six-speed manual transmission, and the M Coupe Convertible.

The three new models will be priced around $150,000.

The third and final M series coupe, the Convertible X, is expected later this decade.

It’ll be a sporty, performance-oriented SUV that has a five-passenger capacity.

It will be offered with a manual or automatic transmission, so buyers will be able to choose between an automatic transmission and a manual-only drivetrain.

The BMW M series crossover is expected this fall, and will be followed by the M M Series.