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Cars for sale in the Old City of Jerusalem on Monday, August 29, 2018. 

According to the Israeli military, there were approximately 1,000 cars in the market for sale on Monday. 

“A lot of the vehicles in the marketplace are new and are in the process of being inspected and certified,” a spokesperson for the IDF said. 

While there was no official information about the exact number of cars on sale, several sources told Al Jazeera that there were a number of vehicles in Israel that were being sold for as little as 10,000 shekels (US$17) each. 

In addition, there was also a small number of other cars in high demand, including military vehicles and military surplus vehicles.

Israeli media reported that one of the most sought-after cars in Jerusalem was a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5.4-liter V8 engine. 

A source told Al-Jazeera that it was not clear if the seller had sold the vehicle to the military or the Israeli Defence Forces. 

Several days ago, there have been reports of Israeli police officers being detained for using a vehicle to enter Jerusalem, and on Sunday, an Israeli soldier was reportedly arrested on suspicion of breaking into a house to steal an iPad. 

There are also reports that Israel has started to crack down on people driving cars illegally, including those in cars with an Israeli license plate, as well as those who have the plates with other foreign-registered vehicles. 

The military said it is investigating the reports of illegal activity. 

Meanwhile, in a statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said: “We will continue to monitor and investigate all reports of crimes committed against Israelis in the occupied territories.

Israel is ready to cooperate with international bodies to prevent and punish acts of terrorism.”