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Car Wash is a weekly feature in which Wired’s automotive editors and staff look at the cars for sale on the street and at dealerships.

Car Wash Car Wash car wash: $100,000.00.

Used 2016 BMW 3 Series SE.



Power windows.


Price: $86,500.00, Dealer: NISKA Auto-Parts, Dealership Name: NISEKA AutoParts, San Diego, CA, U.S.A. Price Range: $90,500-120,000, Price of Car: $72,000-95,000 Mileage: 5,000+.

Details: Dealer: Auto Parts, Inc., San Diego Vehicle: 2003 BMW 3 series sedan.

Interior: Interior.

Good condition.

Good brakes, clutch, steering wheel, door locks, mirrors, and rear view mirror.

Price of a new car: $62,000 to $70,000 (depending on condition).

Details: Sale Date: 08/16/16, Sale Price: 10,000 – 30,000 miles.

Details of car: 1,200 miles.

Car was sold to a man from San Diego who wants to keep it as a car for his wife, but is not willing to pay more for it.

Used 2008 Toyota Yaris 4-door hatchback.

Interior Condition: Very Good.

Interior is in great shape.

No damage.

Wheels are in good condition.

Very good ride quality.

Interior has no chips or tears.

The rear seats are a little tight, but they are not too tight.

Interior doors are in great condition.

Interior was in great repair.

Interior does not have chips or scratches.

Interior seats have a great view.

Interior door handles are in very good condition and are in excellent condition.

No major rust.

Interior mirrors are in their original condition.

Rear view mirrors have a lot of wear.

Rearview mirror is clean and in great good condition but is a little dusty.

Rear seat is in very decent condition.

Front passenger side windows are in fantastic condition.

Wheels, brakes, and suspension are in outstanding condition.

Brakes are in extremely good condition, transmission is in excellent working order, and tires are in fair to good condition with some wear.

Transmission is working well.

Exterior condition is in fair or good condition from the outside, interior condition is fair to excellent, and brakes and suspension condition is excellent.

Interior and exterior condition are in poor or very poor condition.

Car has been in San Diego for over 10 years.

Car is not owned by any current owner and has been used for over 25 years.

Vehicle has been inspected by a mechanic in the past.

This car has not been repaired.

Car must be registered in California.

Vehicle was purchased from an out-of-state buyer.

No title, title fees, or taxes are due.

No financing offered.

This is a non-commercial vehicle.

No security deposit required.

Car does not meet California Vehicle Code.

California Vehicle Safety Code.

Safety rating: Good.

Vehicle must meet California emissions standards.

Vehicle does not conform to California Vehicle Standards.

Car may have minor mechanical issues, but overall it is in good or excellent condition with no major issues.

Good to very good.

Exhaust systems are in reasonable condition.

Externally clean and free of dust.

Front bumper is in its original trim.

Interior trim and door panels are in pristine condition.

All windows, doors, and mirrors are fully functional.

No scratches, cracks, or missing hardware.

Interior carpet is in superb condition.

Drive train is in acceptable condition.

Engine is in decent condition, and engine is starting.

Transmission and electrical systems are working well, and the vehicle has never had any issues.

Brake fluid and oil are in clean and proper condition.

Automatic transmission is working, and there is no need to change gear.

Car comes with a Certificate of Car Exemption.

Vehicle is being serviced by a licensed mechanic.

The inspection report from Auto Parts indicates that the engine has been serviced at the dealer, and is in perfect condition.

The vehicle is being tested for over 100,000 kilometers.

The car was tested for the following items: Engine: Transmission: Suspension: Brakes: Suspensions: Transmission oil: Transmission fluid: Coolant: Electrical systems: Exhaust system: Front bumper: Rear bumper: Front wheels: Rear brake pads: All electrical systems: Cooling system: Interior: Front seat cushion: Front seats: Rear window seat belts: All windows: Rear windshield wipers: Rear fog lamps: All other electrical systems, coolant, coolants, and systems are tested for: Exterior: Wheels: Rear wheel brakes: Rear spoiler: Brake lights: Rear windows: Braking force: Engine sounds: Power windows: Power steering: Transmission speed: Front and rear parking sensors: Radio: Audio system: Suspenders: Suspenses and springs: Front wing: Rear wing: Transmission selector: Headlight switches: All