New York cops: I am not a racist, they say in court August 21, 2021 August 21, 2021 admin

New York City police are trying to convince a federal court that they are not racist and that they have no reason to use racial slurs.

In a court filing Monday, the city argued that it is a racist city and that officers are trained to use non-racial language in order to be able to properly address anyone who happens to be black or brown.

“The City has consistently and explicitly prohibited the use of racial epithets, which are prohibited by the City Code,” the filing reads.

“The City also believes that the City does not believe the use or the promotion of racial slurs is consistent with the principles of good policing.”

The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a similar suit in 2014.

The city says it uses its police force to maintain order, enforce civil rights and protect the public from crime and the threat of it.

In its suit, the New York Police Department said the plaintiffs, who include the officers involved in the shooting of Eric Garner, have “no credible allegation of discriminatory intent.”

The city also says that police officers are not required to wear uniforms and can wear shirts and hats that are not designed to show skin color.

“Although the officers did not wear uniforms in the circumstances presented here, they were required to do so to be effective and to be consistent with policies regarding use of force,” the NYPD said in a court document.

The NYPD said the suit was filed after it received a complaint about the use and promotion of the “Hellcat” car parts that the plaintiffs say are used to make Hellcats.

The car parts are manufactured in the United States and are designed to look like the Hellcat but have an orange stripe on the back and hood.

They are also used to build high-end sports cars.

The New Yorker Police Department issued a statement Tuesday, saying the officers were not wearing uniforms or shirts in the incident.

“Our department does not tolerate the use, promotion or sale of racist, hate-filled materials in our neighborhoods,” the statement read.

“These materials are not reflective of our values as an institution or as a city.

These materials are designed with no racial, ethnic, religious, or other epithetoric intent and are not part of the NYPD’s official uniform.”

The police department has defended its use of the Hellcats and said that they were not racially motivated.

The filing comes after Garner’s death and a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that could open the door to police officers using racial slurs in a wider variety of situations.

Garner’s brother Eric was also killed by New York police in a chokehold on July 17.