When Lexus comes to Canada, Canadians can expect a new car cleaning system August 2, 2021 August 2, 2021 admin

When Lexis announced plans to open an auto dealership in Toronto, it was widely interpreted as an attempt to compete with the likes of Toyota and Nissan.

That was before the company introduced its new car cleaners, the Lexus C3 and C4.

While they are designed to clean vehicles in an area of less than 100 square metres, they can also be used to clean larger vehicles.

Lexus is also launching a new model of car cleaning kits, the Car 2, that it hopes will become the norm in Canada.

It has also introduced a new range of cars to help make its cleaning product even more popular.

Now, in an effort to woo Canadians who buy cars in Canada, the company is releasing a set of cars with a range of functions and a range price of $3,800.

But for those who might be wondering what that means, it’s not quite the same as the $5,000 that you might expect from a Lexus dealership.

According to Lexus, the new car wash kit is designed to “make cleaning easier for you,” by simplifying the process of installing the car cleaning solution.

It says the new kit has the ability to remove any dust, dirt and debris in an environment with less than 40 per cent humidity, a level that should be in most Canadians’ homes.

It’s designed to work on cars with 4.0 litres of air in each car wash basin, and also on cars without a wash basin.

The new kit also includes a built-in “super-wash basin” to help with the cleaning process.

The C3 comes with a wash kit that will clean up to two cars at a time.

The kit includes a vacuum, two wash brushes and a two-cup bucket, which can be filled with water to help wash away dirt and dirt particles.

It also comes with three separate car wash kits.

It includes a wash bucket, a wash brush, a three-quart bucket and a wash solution, which is a product designed to help remove and dry dirt and grime from your car.

The second kit, the C4, comes with two wash buckets, a brush, two-quart buckets and a soap and water solution.

Each of these kits includes a small brush to help you apply the product.

For the price of the new C3, the kits come with three wash buckets and three wash brushes.

In terms of the cars, the kit also comes in two sizes: small, and large.

For example, the larger kit, which comes with six wash buckets in total, can clean up a Ford Focus ST and a Ford Expedition ST with a cost of $1,300.

The smaller kit, designed to be used with the C3’s larger wash buckets to help clean up an Audi R8, can be used for a Ford Fusion and a Honda Odyssey for a cost $1-1,200.

The kits also come with a full range of car wash products, from a “waterless” to “water-resistant” kit, and a “cleaning sponge” for the use with any vehicle.

There’s also a special cleaning system designed for the Toyota Prius Plug, which costs $3-4,000.

Lexis also launched a new “smart” cleaning kit for the 2015 Toyota Priuz that includes a special sensor, which detects when the car is in an auto wash and cleans the vehicle with the appropriate car wash solution.

In addition, the car wash product can be activated by pressing a button, which will activate the system, and the sensor will notify the driver of when to clean the car.