Which car brands have the most expensive leases? August 4, 2021 August 4, 2021 admin

The United States has a reputation for being one of the most pricey places in the world to rent a car, according to a new study.

The study, by automotive consulting firm IHS, found that the average annual lease payment for cars and trucks in the United States tops $10,000.

The average monthly payments for the luxury brands are nearly $4,000, according the study.

It said that the median monthly payment for a new Lexus LX crossover is $2,854.

That’s the highest for any model.

According to the study, the median lease payment in the U.S. is $9,965 for a Toyota Camry, which has the most costly lease payment of any model, with $12,971.

That number is higher for the Honda Accord, which is the most affordable.

The report, which was conducted in May, says that more than half of U.K. car owners and nearly three-quarters of U,S.

car renters pay at least one monthly payment of more than $10 in rent.

The median rental price in the country is $8,750, according a 2015 study by Edmunds.

In the U, it’s about $850.

IHS said that while the average lease payment was higher in the states, that does not necessarily mean that the cost is more expensive in those places.

The organization also found that renters are paying more for fuel and maintenance.

For example, the average fuel bill in the top 50 states is $3,600, according Edmunds, compared to $2.50 in the bottom 50 states.

The survey was based on a survey of 1,931 U.F.O. car buyers, according for the IHS data.

The data comes from the Edmunds website, where the average price of a new vehicle in the US is $29,950.

In California, the price for a midsize SUV is $25,500, according that report.

In Texas, it is $22,900.

In New Jersey, it can go as high as $35,600.

In Ohio, the monthly cost of gas is $4.99, according this report.

It was not clear what other factors led to the higher cost of renting a car.

Edmunds also found the median rental cost of a brand-new Lexus SUV in Texas is $30,600 and in New York $29.60, which it did not include in the data.

Ihs said it’s possible that the rental cost is higher in some states, like California and New Jersey.