Which companies are you most likely to hear about in 2017? August 16, 2021 August 16, 2021 admin

The year’s most interesting companies and companies we’d expect to hear a lot about this year, according to Recode’s annual Insights.

But the list is filled with the familiar suspects.

The automotive insurance company GEICO is the obvious winner here, which is a shame because it’s the company that was hit hard by the global financial crisis and the ongoing health care reform debate.

It’s still worth your while to shop for car insurance if you live in a major city, but it’s clear from our survey that you’re more likely to see coverage in your area of the country, which suggests that your company will probably have to focus more on the local market.

The only companies that we didn’t include on this list are medical device maker Medtronic and insurer Aetna, both of which have significant local markets.

Here’s the full list:The biggest surprise on this year’s list is Apple.

The tech giant was among the top-rated companies in our survey last year, which shows that its presence in this market is still a major factor in how much coverage you’ll receive.

In fact, Apple has consistently received the highest marks in terms of the average price of coverage in every state, which means that if you’re looking to get coverage, Apple’s the best bet to get the best deal.