Dems want Trump to resign as commander in chief September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021 admin

POLITICO Washington – Democrats want President Donald Trump to step down as commander-in-chief, saying he’s too close to Russia.

In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and the ranking member, Rep, John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., Wednesday, Cummings and others said Trump has a history of colluding with Russia and should step aside.

Cummings said Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is a “clear indication” of the president’s intent to “take actions that undermine democracy and our country’s standing abroad.”

Cummlings added that Trump’s recent tweets about the Russian investigation and Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election are “yet another example of his blatant disregard for the Constitution and American law.

He is a threat to our country and our democracy.””

He is too close, and his actions demonstrate his contempt for the American people, his failure to serve as president of the United States, and the American judiciary,” Cummings said.

“It is time for him to resign.”

The letter came after Trump fired Comey and defended the decision to fire him.

Trump said Comey was the victim of political interference and was fired to “clean house.”

Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D. Calif., and other members, have called for Trump to stand down, saying that if he were to step aside, Trump would be “vindicated” for firing Comey.

Catherine Engelbrecht, a former White House aide to former President Barack Obama, said it was clear from the letter that the Democrats want Trump’s resignation.

“It’s clear that they are determined to hold the President accountable,” Engelbrech said.

“The Democratic Party does not want to see a President Trump that takes a more adversarial approach to the American political system.”

Trump tweeted Wednesday that Comey “played a very dangerous game” with the investigation into Russian interference in the election and was “trying to build his political base” by leaking information to the press.

The president said he would look to Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Russian meddling in last year’s election.

The letter comes after a series of high-profile Trump tweets about Russia.

The president claimed on Twitter that former FBI Director Robert Mueller had been fired because he was investigating Russia’s interference in last November’s election, and he claimed Mueller was the “one person” who would investigate him.

The White House on Tuesday said Trump had no intention of resigning.

In an interview with ABC News, Cummings, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, called for Congress to hold Trump to account for the Russian interference.

“I think he’s committed a crime.

I think he is interfering in the investigation of the election,” Cummings told ABC News.

“The only way to hold him accountable is for Congress, not him, to hold President Trump accountable for his conduct.”