How the cars were stolen: A guide to the thieves September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 admin

It was almost 8.30pm when police were called to the parking lot of a luxury car dealership in Dublin’s east.

The alarm sounded and a man and a woman emerged from a black BMW with no keys.

As they walked towards the back of the business, a young man pulled out a small box of keys and a note and handed them to the police officer.

The officer told them he was not an officer and asked them to wait.

As he was walking away, he stopped to look at a car.

He said he thought it was a new car, but after a few seconds, he realised it was not.

He handed it to the woman and the man walked away with a bag full of jewellery.

Police said the car had been stolen in the early hours of the morning.

The note, which read: “It’s me, it’s a car, it was stolen yesterday” was found inside the car.

The police said the man and woman, both aged in their 20s, were from Kildare, Co Dublin, and the stolen BMW had been sold at the dealership.

The note read:It was a very special day for me.

I was so excited to meet my new wife.

But I did not expect to find the car in my car when I arrived at work, police said.

The car was recovered at a local hotel where the owner was staying and the jewellery was later recovered from the vehicle.

The BMW’s owner, who was not named, said the thieves stole it from his garage at the back end of his property, just off Kildoragh Avenue.

He said the owner had been renting it out for two months.

He told The Irish Sun:I was very worried.

It was very early in the morning, and I was expecting a phone call from the police.

It is a really weird story, but I am not a thief, he said.

“My wife said it was my favourite car.

I did the paperwork to get it registered and everything, so it was all a mystery.”

I am very happy to have it back.

“The car is currently being held at the Kildanagh Garda Station.