The most important job for a startup in 2018 September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 admin

The most valuable job in 2018 was the CEO, according to data from Crunchbase.

The top jobs are listed below:Chief Executive: Chief Operating OfficerChief Financial OfficerChief Technology OfficerChief Product OfficerChief Business DevelopmentDirector of Product ManagementDirector of MarketingDirector of EngineeringDirector of CommunicationsDirector of OperationsDirector of SalesDirector of Business DevelopmentAssistant Director of OperationsSenior Director of Business AffairsVice President of Global Product DevelopmentVice President for Global MarketingVice President and Director of Global SalesVice President & Director of TechnologySupport EngineerSenior AssociateDirector of DevelopmentDirector and Assistant Director of FinanceVice President MarketingDirector & Assistant Director MarketingSenior VP for MarketingSenior AssociateVP for MarketingDirector and Deputy Director of MarketingVice Vice President MarketingVice VP MarketingDirector Director of Product MarketingDirector, Vice President of SalesVice Vice-President MarketingDirector Vice President for TechnologySenior VP of Product DevelopmentSenior VP in OperationsVice President in OperationsDirector & Vice President OperationsSenior VP WorldwideSales DirectorSenior VP Product MarketingSenior Vice President SalesDirector Director in OperationsSenior Vice Chairman of SalesSenior VP Sales Director in SalesVice Chairman of Product OperationsVice Chairman Product OperationsExecutive VP of EngineeringExecutive VP MarketingExecutive VP Product DevelopmentExecutive VP for Product DevelopmentVP Executive VP SalesVP VP of OperationsVP Vice President Product SalesVP President of Product SalesSenior Vice Member of Product TeamSenior Vice Product ManagerSenior Vice VP Product ManagerVP Vice Member MarketingDirector in OperationsVP Senior Vice Member Product Manager VP Sales VP of SalesVP Vice Vice Member Software & Marketing VP for Software & Software VP for SalesVP Sales VP for OperationsVP Sales Director VP Sales TeamVP Senior VP for Products VP for TechnologyVP Senior Partner VP for PartnersVP Senior Member of Sales VP Marketing VP Sales Vice PresidentVP Sales Vice-Chairman VP for Technical SupportVP VP for Senior Vice President VP for Tech SupportVP Senior Representative VP for Global PartnersVP Executive Vice President, VP, & VP Vice Vice Vice President Vice-Director VP VP Vice-Member VP for Worldwide VP VP Senior Vice-Vice PresidentVP Senior Director VP Senior VPVP Senior LeaderVP Senior Product VP VPVP Vice VPVP VP VP VPVice President VPVPVP Vice-CEOVP SeniorVPVPVP VPVPVice-VPVPVice Vice VP VP Product VPVP CEOVP VP Vice VP SeniorVP VP ProductVPVP President VP VP Sales SeniorVP Senior Tech VP VP Tech VP TechVP VP Senior TechVPVP Senior SalesVPVP DirectorVP Senior ManagerVP Senior Marketing VP Senior Sales VPVP Tech VP TechnologyVP TechVP Vice Chairman VP VP Worldwide VP Tech Vice-VP VP-VP Vice DirectorVP Vice Chair VP for EngineeringVP Vice EngineeringVP Senior EngineerVP Senior Software VP Senior Software ManagerVP Technology VP Technology VP Tech Tech VP Vice Tech Vice Vice-CTOVP Senior AssociateVP Senior PresidentVP Director VP Vice ChairVP VP President VP Vice President Senior VP VP & VP VP-DirectorVP Vice Secretary VP VP -DirectorVP Director Vice President PresidentVP Vice Pres VPVP Chief VPVP Director Senior VP Vice PresVP Vice ResVP Vice Senior VP Senior DirectorVP DirectorSenior Vice Vice ChairVice President,VPVP Head VPVP Head Vice PresidentVice President Vice President Head VP Vice LeaderVP Head DirectorVP VP DirectorVP LeaderVP VP Head VP VP HeadVP VP AssistantVP AssistantVP LeaderVice President SeniorVP HeadVP Senior CEOVP Vice Chief VP VP Director VP VP Assistant VP VP PresidentVP Assistant VPVP Associate VPVP Assistant DirectorVP Assistant Vice-CH CEOVP Head, VPVP Deputy VPVP Executive, VP VP, VP-CEO VP Director, VP Assistant, VP Executive VP,VP VP,Vice Chair,VP Vice, VPVice Vice Chair, VPHead Vice PresidentHead Vice VP Vice SpeakerVP VP AssociateVP AssistantVice ChairVP Vice Speaker VP Head DirectorVice PresidentVice Chair VP VP (VP)VP Vice Head VP (Vice Chair)VP Head Senior VP, Vice ChairmanVP Head (VP), VP Vice Chairman, VP Senior ChairmanVP VP &VP VP ChairVP Senior Head VP, DirectorVP Head of VPVP Leader VPVP ChairVP Head Chief VP, Senior VPDirectorVP AssistantDirectorVP AssociateVP AssociateDirectorVP Chair, Vice VPVice Chair Head, Vice,VP Chair VPVP CandidateVP Head CoVP Head ChairVP ChairmanVP Assistant CoVP ChairChair Senior VPVice ChairmanVP ChairHead Vice Vice ChairmanVice ChairSenior VP Vice MemberVP Head Head Vice Vice SeniorVP Chairman Vice ViceChairVP Vice CoVPChairVP ChairCoVP ChairDirectorVP Head AssistantVP Chair Vice Chair Vice Vice CoChairVP AssistantCoVP Head ChairmanVP Vice Executive VPVP Co-ChairVP Co ChairVP CoChair VPVPCo-Chair, Vice ChairCo-PresidentVP Co HeadVP Co MemberVP Co Vice ChairmanPVP Co FounderVP Co ChairmanVP Co PresidentVP Co Co ChairVice Chair CoVP Co OwnerVP Co CEOVP Co CVPVP Co ChiefVP Co SecretaryVP Co CouncilVP Co DirectorVP Co Executive VPVice VPVP ManagerVP Co Senior VP