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When you can rent a car in India: What to know

The Indian government has a plan to get rid of all of its traffic laws in the country by 2020.While some people may think it’s a step in the right direction, India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a more controversial plan in mind: allowing private cars to be used as public transport.In the wake…

How to get your hotwire car, rental car or SUV covered in $15,000 deductible

Doona car seats can be a little pricey, but a $15K car loan can help you save even more money.Hotwire is a car rental and leasing service that specializes in rental cars.While the service may not be as affordable as a conventional car rental, the car rental component does offer perks like a free first…

How to find a great sports car for the money

A car that will get you from A to B can’t be too expensive.But finding one that’s good for the price?That’s a question we’ve been looking into for quite some time, and we’re now happy to say that the answer is a lot cheaper than you think.Here’s how to find the best sports car of…

How to refinance a car loan

Refinance a Car Loan or Car Purchase with EasyCar or EasyRefinance article Car Loan Refinance Terms & Conditions: https://www.easyrefinance.com/terms.html EasyRefinancing Terms: http:/www.simplerefinancing.com EasyRefine: https://www

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